Aug 28, 2013

Lervig's 10th Anniversary

See the video for a cool time lapse of the concert thrown by Skagen fonden where over 10.000 persons attended last Thursday. It was an excellent way to celebrate our collective anniversaries (skagen fonden -20 and Lervig 10) What a great way to also announce that so far this year Lervig is kicking some ass, our sales are up over 30% hey we may actually make some money this year we are in plus for the first time in 10 years.

A bunch of cool shit happening:

Sorry to say Kaisers Orchestra is quitting, but hey they asked Lervig to make them a special beer for their last concerts here in Stavanger... This beer is a 5,6% version of Lucky Jack but dry hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops. one of if not the best combo's of hops ever known to hop heads! (yeah Im old school). We brewed 5000L of this beer and its in the keg and ready to drink in 2 weeks for the concert... any left over kegs will certainly be made available to those who ask first. check out the logo and if you a fan come check out the concert and the beer

Heading over to Oslo to hang out at my new friend's beer festival (Grünerløkka Bryghus') After helping them complete their brewery with a capacity of about 100.000L per year, we are going to participate in the festival this weekend, if you in oslo come over say hello and have some Rye IPA or Galaxy IPA!
heres the link:

All IN from Sweden! we have brewed yet another killer collab beer this time with a hop fetish. over 2 kg per 100L of dry hops should be ready to sell in a week or two. Just busy and waiting to find time to keg it all up. most of course will ship to Sweden where the boys at All IN will divi it out to the best bars in Sweden.
the beer is called of course Schysst IPA, There's a good explanation to the name but I guess you should ask Pelle from ALL IN 
And All In are having a little festival should be one great and chill festival just the way I like it in Nov 1-3
here is the poster: buy tickets now as they are keeping the attendance low and casual no crazy crowded lines or pushy drunken people with backpacks on sir

SO I'm twitting on the twitter, I have to learn about how to do it but I realized suddenly Lervig isn't very good at the social marketing game... thought I may try to step it up: so find me @lervigbeer

and sorry it took me so long to make an update.

Apr 10, 2013

Update 2013

Things have really changed a lot around here...
Still we are the same old group trying to deal with the increased production amount of new beers, new countries of export... our sales grew to just a hair under a 1,000,000Liters last year. This years growth looks like it did last year were up 30% than last year this time so it looks real good that we may become that Norden Speicalty beer king... I dont plan to stop pushing forward til we reach full capacity and even then I may have to increase it... right now we can produce probably 3 million liters a year. however the more types we make the harder it is to hit the capacity with tanks that hold 60.000L each. Anyway the news is GOOD.
I have a meeting next week with the brewery board to discuss buying tanks, and increasing our productivity. We have a deficit thats true, but we aren't playing with a toy, this brewery has the potential to become an institution amoung the greatest breweries around. May never become a Carlsberg but I would love to see it become a Sam Adams or Serria N type of success story.

something about local stores:

Rema 1000, a few years ago i was crictical about their desion to kick our beers out of the local stores and I got lots of good feedback about it. Now I have removed that blog but Im sure its floating around elsewhere.
Turns out they have switched gears and we are sellign quite a few liters from their stores, thanks for giving us a second chance to make it happen.

May 26, 2012

Norway gets it's first craft beer in a can... Lucky Jack

Cans can be a good thing, a can doesn't allow light to ruin the beer. A can is light and easy to carry around in your backpack or shopping bag. A can is 100% recyclable. A bag full of empty cans take up a lot less space than an equal amount of bottles. Cans dont break into little sharp bits and cut your feet. Cans can be used to make various things such as a cool hat or pipe you can find in most street markets in asia....
Well you get the point. I think it's about time that people have a choice... why should we only drink Pilsner from a can? I think a can is a great way to package a great beer. Craft brewers in the USA have been doing it for almost 10 years now... I did it in Danmark... I'm doing it here and I will do it again.

Now you have the choice and you will see that it is good both ways... cans or bottles... take your pick.
Now back to the important debate, Gold or silver lids? ;-)

Nov 12, 2011

Good Times

Lots of great things happening these days, for me personally and for Lervig...

I have finally had a baby girl, Nina, she was born on the 4th of October... I guess I am lucky to have found a nice woman who would actually want to have my baby... But we are all happy and I feel really lucky to have found such a great partner and am very happy to have my own family now.

I have been nominated for a local prize here in Stavanger called Firsprangprisen which is given every year to a local person who has done something remarkable to build local patriotism.... I was chosen for the fact that locals are very proud of their local beer and the fact that we are getting more and more national attention for it. Which I am very honored and I am very grateful for being recognized... Even though I doubt I will win as the paper published a 2 page story on it and placed a very large photo of me drinking a beer. How can you give a guy a reward for being able to do what most guys only wish they can do....right?

The national newspaper Dagbladet has judged our jul øl to be the best in the butik øl class (4,7%) and we have underestimated the surge of sales,,, now one week after sales started for this years Christmas beers we are already sold out, and there is nothing I can do about it, unless they want a full batch to sell the week before Christmas. Here is the link to the test.

The Local paper, Rogalands Avis, has their own test written by their wine and foody critic Tøre Bruland, here he has given both of our Christmas beers and our Winter ale six out of six on the Norwegian dice scale... Which is also great for us and me personally as I was concerned how the class F (over 4,7%alc) beer would do in the public's eye as I wanted to make a different beer this year for Christmas, not just another caramel flavored stronger beer, which is the norm here for any other Christmas beer... I think I may do something different again next year... but happily most of that beer too is also been moved out of our warehouse to Vin-polet.

I am hopeful for the results of the Norges beste Øl, So far after the first round our best chance in the race is our Lucky Jack, I think this beer has a great shot because its is already available in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and beyond and the sales are going up every month. This beer is a great beer for all beer drinking levels as it is a a gateway beer for people who only drink pilsners and havent ventured into craft beer yet, this beer will surely get them on their way... It is my goal to get this beer widely available nationally and beyond to be competitive
with the pilsner market in price, but unmatched in it's flavor and quality. I am currently
brewing larger and larger volumes of this beer but never sacrificing on the quality...
Lervig is currently working on exporting Lucky Jack to Italy and Spain, perhaps Finland. Already in the last months we have begun to export to Sweden and lately we finally got a shipment off to Denmark to be hitting the shelves in Irma stores, This is the first time Irma has imported beer directly from a brewery, so I am very very hopeful for a great result there and I would be extremely proud to see my beers back on the shelves in Denmark. I want to eventually have one of the more accessible pale ales on the market in northern Europe, oh what the hell all of Europe... more to come in the near future for Lucky Jack.

Oh yeah...

Rye IPA is available from the Polet, finally, We are shipping a lot of it to Bergen these weeks so get ready up there.... Be sure to order it and tell the polet shops to put it on the shelves! I expect that it wont take too long to see it as a year round shelf lurker in the polet...

New batches are being brewed and are ready, the 3rd brew of Konrad stout is ready to go, and I must say it is the best one so far!

I think now I will as I stated last post, focus on solidifying the long term success of lervig and focusing on the production, getting it to be able to handle the growth it has seen already as well as the growth that I am anticipating. Remember that for every new beer we add that only makes it more difficult to keep up with demand on all the other products... and if you look back 1,5 years to the recent past of Lervig there where 4 beers, all of which were pilsner... we have come a long way, we are looking forward to the future...

Sep 27, 2011

Vote for Me!

I am happy and honored to be nominated as this years ølhund... I am not sure what this will do to my social status but I don't think it can hurt it....

Sep 25, 2011

Eating out in Stavanger.... Come on we can do better!

You know I like good beer, but that doesn't stop there, I am a bit of a foody, I love good food, good drink and good style. So After what I ate last night and having gone through this before... I have a question for Norway...
Why do you let so many horrible restaurants stay open by returning to them when the quality is so bad and the price is so ridiculously high?

Therefore I want to start my own honest review on eating establishments I visit. I will give you my honest opinion from my view.

I haven't gone out too much in Stavanger but I have gone out to most places and some are better than the others but mostly the level of food quality in town is low. But then there are a few that stand out and my head is spinning wondering why this place is still in operation...

Last night me and a few friends wanted to eat at Rena one of Stavangers more solid food establishments however we didn't have a table so we found a place nearby Amici... (Linked)


We were greeted by an overly friendly plump middle eastern fellow, I think either turkish or Moroccan... He did try to play it off with his use of 'Grazie' now and then but it wasn't working for me of course. We were in seven persons and he made an effort to squeeze us into a table meant for 4. So far I appreciated his effort to please his customers.

Then we got the menu.

WTF? It read like this: (I can do it from memory because this is the time the fear set in, and if it were not for the shear amount of hunger we felt we would have left then and there)

All had their english translation below...

Antipasti -480 kr

Insalata caprasi 280 kr

Pasta del giorno 280 kr

Carne del giorno 280 kr

Pesce del giorno ?kr

I asked the waiter ( a polish lady) what the pesce del giorno is, she said ' it the fish of the day'... I think she figured I simply didn't understand what pesce del giorno meant, not that I wanted to know what the fish was that day... chuckle

We then had the attention of the plump middle eastern man again he came and made many of us move to different spots around the table so we can fit better to the environment around us (so the waiters can squeeze around our chairs )

The wine was brought and it was a fairly decent Nero di Avola from Sicily didn't catch the name it was too dark to read it. But it's hard to find a bad Italian wine...

The food, the man suggested that we all eat family style to make it easier on the kitchen. We all agreed that this was a good idea.

After a while came some cheeses and a few rolled up cuts of Salami piccante and some prosciutto. All pretty good. A little bit of insalata not so great too much cheap vinegar in it in my opinion...

Let the feast begin! And you know it's a top quality restaurant when they use plates from Ikea... The waiter brought out 4 plates with about one serving each per plate, a measly looking chicken thigh and leg with a few broiled potatoes, a plate of over cooked pasta (Penne with some pepperonata and what seems to be tomato sauce made from tomato paste and water... A plate of meatballs which were clearly bought in and horrible, covered in the same tomato paste and water sauce. And surprisingly edible plate of the pesce del giorno which my pregnant girlfriend kept for herself..

In the end we were thankful that they gave us such a small amount of food, we actually left most of it. the bill was under 3000 kr...


Overpriced and horrible food, overly friendly front man.... This place would not last a month in New York or London. I am sorry Stavanger people you need to stop going back to these places so unsuspecting foreigners like myself wont be so disappointed. Or simply so the advancement of good taste can evolve here in town. Take your pick.

Even though this place is one of the worst places I have ever ate at here in Stavanger, it is not on the top of my worst list... the worst of the worst here in stavanger is easily Emilios tapas house Absolute disappointment here, the worst thing is that the owner appeared to actually be Spanish, he should hang his head in shame for the trash he is passing off as tapas... and he should be arrested for robbing his customers... thats all I need to say about that place... don't go and I hope to see its early demise so that something good can arise in its place.

One of my favorite eats in town is India Tandori restaurant They are doing it right! Only thing I would change is the beer selection... They need some Lucky Jack to go with that great spicy food they serve up!

New stuff

A quick update on whats going on at Lervig these days:

new beers:
Lervig Jul a 6,5% Christmas beer, this years attempt at doing something new and different for a christmas beer, we have made a belgian style ale, it is medium bodied with lots of fruity esters from the Belgian Ale yeast, it also has been spiced with Star Anise and ginger. The beer is going to be packaged unfiltered and unpasteurized like all the Brewers reserve beers.

This years version of Lervig Winter Ale is in the bottle and ready for the winter. It is very simullar to last years version, but I have worked out a few things for the better and this years brew is smoother and the alcohol is well hidden.

Some of you may have tasted the new Rye IPA, it's not moving into the Vinmonoplet as fast as we had hoped but we are working on it and now it is pretty much in the hands of the vinmonoplet to get them in the stores. Feel free to ask your local polet for some! (Give them some pressure) Meanwhile you can find it around town here in Stavanger and perhaps soon it will be in Oslo and Bergen too. If you like flavor and hops this beer is for you. Check out what Tore Bruland has to say about the new Rye IPA ( Norsk).

I have brewed more Barely wine and soon I hope to get them into some barrels for aging. This time I will double the volume as I had last year to get them in the pollet.

In my life I am expecting to become a dad for the first time in about a week so I expect to be busy the next few months.

My plans for the future brews for Lervig are going to be to build on what we have and get the production dialed in and consistant, as well as improved qualtiy control.

I hope that the growth we have seen over the past few months will continue to climb. I am very excited to see where we can take this brewery too!