Apr 10, 2013

Update 2013

Things have really changed a lot around here...
Still we are the same old group trying to deal with the increased production amount of new beers, new countries of export... our sales grew to just a hair under a 1,000,000Liters last year. This years growth looks like it did last year were up 30% than last year this time so it looks real good that we may become that Norden Speicalty beer king... I dont plan to stop pushing forward til we reach full capacity and even then I may have to increase it... right now we can produce probably 3 million liters a year. however the more types we make the harder it is to hit the capacity with tanks that hold 60.000L each. Anyway the news is GOOD.
I have a meeting next week with the brewery board to discuss buying tanks, and increasing our productivity. We have a deficit thats true, but we aren't playing with a toy, this brewery has the potential to become an institution amoung the greatest breweries around. May never become a Carlsberg but I would love to see it become a Sam Adams or Serria N type of success story.

something about local stores:

Rema 1000, a few years ago i was crictical about their desion to kick our beers out of the local stores and I got lots of good feedback about it. Now I have removed that blog but Im sure its floating around elsewhere.
Turns out they have switched gears and we are sellign quite a few liters from their stores, thanks for giving us a second chance to make it happen.

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Belligero said...

Great to hear, Mike! Good to see that your hard work is paying off.